My Etsy Shop is Open!

I try my best to post more than once a week, and sadly it's been over a week, but with maintaining a full-time job, blog site and recently opening my Etsy shop, I've been swamped, to say the least. And speaking of my Etsy shop, the purpose of this post, I'm proud to say that Kitsy Co is launched and live -!

I was grins ear to ear that glorious moment when I clicked "publish." I'm a person who dreams up business concepts on a daily basis, and for once, it's happening! I can't stop thinking about what I should be working on, what's next, whose visiting, building inventory, etc. etc. I must admit, the technical preparation has been pretty dull, but the creative side has kept me going for hours.  

If you're not sure what Etsy is, it's an online marketplace where individuals can buy and sell handmade or vintage items, art and supplies. If you're a seller, you literally have your own online shop where people can directly buy your items, just like a real store.

At first I wasn't sure exactly what my niche would be. I thought of a million different items I could make and sell, but while variety may be spice of life, I really needed to define my style. I took a step back, contemplated what felt natural, and then came the "ah-ha" moment. Art - I've been drawing and painting since day 1, and it's a talent that I'm very fortunate to have. Design - I love designing layouts, always have, always will. Events - I LOVE planning, so why not help others plan by designing invitations. Style - modern with a traditional touch, simple designs, bold, bright colors, mixed media, imaginative, themed. Thus came the decision to design eclectic art and invites.

My initial focus will be on kids designs and themes. It's the ultimate creative outlet and lets me be as imaginative as I want. And since I'll never have enough kids on my own to execute all the ideas I have, I feel like it's an opportunity to help everyone design and plan. However, I love variety, so there will definitely come diversity over time.

Currently my shop features a newspaper canvas art collection, a colorful monster collection and a kids birthday print-at-home invitation collection.

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There will be lots more inventory to come.

Lastly, for some background info on the name Kitsy Co and how this shop came to be, visit my About section on the site.

Thank you so much for letting me share my shop. I'm excited about this new venture, and I can't wait to share my progress along the way.

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