PYRC #26: Avocado Chicken Salad

If you're like me and you can't say no to chicken salad, then I'm sure you'll appreciate this avocado twist. I was lucky enough to whip up a personal sized serving for lunch using some leftover shredded chicken from my avocado enchiladas.

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Randoms at Ross

If you know me well, you probably know I am a pretty frugal person, and I am a 100% sucker for a good deal, almost to a fault. With that being said, shopping at Ross is basically shooting an arrow into my Achilles heel. Why I am still allowed in that store (along with Target, World Market, Central Market and Hobby Lobby), I'm not really sure.

So what exactly gets me at Ross? Everything.

Even clothes sometimes.

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PYRC #25: Chicken Enchiladas with Avocado Cream Sauce

What do you get when you cross a Mexican food craving, no desire to spend money eating out and a plethora of ripened avocados? Homemade chicken enchiladas with avocado cream sauce.

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Thank You PicMonkey

For as much as I blog, I often feel like such a rookie. Yeah, maybe I'm being a bit harsh on myself, but my blog is totally DIY, make- it-work just like everything else in my life.

  • My formatting is always cursed with random spaces and fixing it each time has come down to a methodical science (why does everything quadruple space when I paste from word?)
  • My fonts are sometimes inconsistent even though I continue to select the “default” font
  • My blog design is not near what I imagine and envision, and I spend HOURS googling HTML code to fix things that I typically can't figure out how to fix
  • I've made dozens of attempts at a new logo and background, yet I do not love any enough to actually commit 
  • My layout is not how I'd like it, but once again I waste time trying to learn HTML to fix it, and it still doesn't fix
  • My efforts to recruit followers (yeah, I only have 21) have also been a fail
  • I have no idea how to easily watermark photos or add cute tags
  • Making photo collages has always been a nightmare using some janky online collage tool or trying to rig them in Photoshop

The problem is that I want to be an expert. The reality is that I'm not. I'm a self-taught blogger with an extremely creative eye who is trapped in frustration because I can't make my blog look the way I want it to look or do the things I want it to do. My figure-it-out methods have simply just not worked.

So, why am I venting these frustrations that have irritated me for the past year? Because I want to say THANK YOU to PicMonkey for giving me a glimmer of hope.

Pic Monkey makes photo collages. Pic Monkey is easy. And best of all, Pic Monkey is free! Hallelujah, amen, thank goodness... and I don't even have to register to use it! Check out some of my DIY Wedding collage examples below that I made from PicMonkey.


Liebster Blog Award

In addition to my first feature last week, I told you I had some more exciting blog news to share. In my rookie year of blogging, I have been nominated by Susan at Organized 31 for the Liebster Blog Award!

What is the Liebster Award?

A designation given by bloggers to other up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. With only 19 followers (come on people, I know I have more frequent visitors than that), I definitely qualify. The purpose of it is to show appreciation, sprinkle some kudos and help spread the word about blogs. I must say, it DEFINITELY made me feel loved.

I've Been Featured!

I am more than happy to announce that my ugly bookshelf makeover has been featured on Roadkill Rescue.

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My DIY Wedding

Ok, so I'm almost one month past my one-year anniversary, but that doesn't mean I still can't celebrate it with this DIY wedding post.

I'm Czech and from the small town of Ennis, and with that came a big Czech wedding. In order to host such an event yet still remain within a budget, that meant DIY everything, not necessarily on my own, but DIY nonetheless. Here's a snapshot, because I'm pretty sure I have MANY more photos, of the DIY work that made our wedding more than extra special:

"Save the Date" painted for/during our Save the Date video announcement

The Home Depot Hot Dog Man

My town may not have street food vendors, but who cares when you have the Home Depot hot dog man?

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