PYRC #33: Shrimp and Pesto Pizza with Goat Cheese and Sun-dried Tomatoes

First things first, this is Pots, Pans and Paintbrushes 100th post! The fact that I've remained consistent and reached this in just a little over a year is quite a self-accomplishment.

Second things second, we did it again and hit a home run with homemade pizza - pesto, shrimp and goat cheese pizza with sun-dried tomatoes.

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I can't honestly say that I loved it more than my first Pinterest pizza attempt - grilled pesto and goat cheese pizza - but that doesn't mean it wasn't awesomely delicious.

I'm still blown away by making homemade pizza, maybe because there's a baking element involved with the dough or maybe because I find it in its own category of art. Note, I did not buy ready-made dough or boxed dough, I used this four cheese white pizza dough recipe instead. Making dough sounds scary and scares me every time I make it, but it's shockingly simple and just takes early prep so that the dough can rise. Jeff says I need to learn to make a variety of crusts, but I think I just need to perfect one magic recipe.

My one fault this go-around was not rolling out the dough enough and thus making the crust too thick. Now don't get me wrong, I typically love a hand-tossed crust more than thin crust, but not with these toppings/ingredients. The delicate flavors of the pesto, shrimp and goat cheese really needed to be highlighted on a thin crust. My next pizza attempt on thick crust will probably be BBQ chicken. Who's joining me?

Anyway, I loved this pizza. Grab the recipe here from Live, Love, Travel to make it yourself... and just buy ready-made crust if that's easier for you.

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