PYRC #58: Four Super Bowl Snack Ideas

If you haven't already sourced the web for a new calorie-filled snack to serve on Super Bowl Sunday, then maybe I can help you out with a few ideas.

Sweet Onion Pizza Sliders

PYRC #57: Dijon Roasted Cabbage

So, I really do adore cabbage in all sorts of shapes and forms, and that includes Brussels sprouts, cabbage's younger, smaller, better looking sibling (or so how I perceive them).

Anyway, I can whip up some mean sauteed cabbage, cabbage soup or slaw, healthy or not, but beyond that, my cabbage creativity is a bit weak. Fortunately my fab friend Pinterest has lent some recent inspiration. Thus I present....

Dijon Roasted Cabbage

Weaver Firm Video

I have a lot of hobbies, and one those hobbies is called work. And though work may be more of a required hobby in my life than a volunteer one, at least it can be fun... most of the time.

For two years straight I've been assigned to manage what I think might be one of the most fun things we do at our firm - the annual Weaver "fun" video - a corporate culture video entirely devoted to being silly and letting folks know that these straight-laced accountants actually can loosen up their ties.

Canadian Tuxedos, Mullets and 30

Ahhhh, my husband turned 30 this month. He had just turned 23 when I met him. How are we already at 30?!? Ok, I'm not 30, but Jeff is, and him turning 30 means that I'm even closer to turning 30, which I'm not really interested in. We do get to stay in our 20's forever if we'd like to, right? Because most days I feel like I still am 20. Pity party now over.

Actually, Jeff turning 30 was really just a great excuse to have the best birthday yet. And that, my friends, is exactly what happened. The guy who typically could care less about his birthday, who won't even dress up for Halloween, and who is never interested in going to 6th Street requested this....

A Canadian tuxedo pub crawl. Better yet, denim and mullet wigs.

Tour de Tiny Rent House

Can you believe we've been back in Austin for almost an entire year already?!? And that means that we've lived in our little rent house for half the time that we lived in our first home in DFW. Time flies. Crazy.

We significantly reduced our living space when we moved to Austin (I think by about half or more when counting garage and shed space), so arranging furniture and decor was a little bit of a challenge, but alas, we did it, and if we're going to be living here, we're going to call it home. And thank goodness for some art to help us with that. Here's a mini, not all-inclusive tour of the house.

2015, We’ve Made It!

Welcome, 2015. I’m digging you already. And I’m more than happy to look back at 2014 and forward to this year. This will be my third annual recap, and though last year was a big jumble (a good one), I’m not giving up on holding myself accountable and continuing to set some annual goals. Except I’m skipping my top 5 favorite recipes (I really did cook) and my top 5 most popular blog posts BECAUSE I haven’t been blogging about much, whoops. Here goes nothing.

Top 5 Accomplishments  

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