American Flag Wall Mount

In 2006 I had the honor and privilege to spend a week in Washington DC with the US Senate Youth Program. And on that trip I was given an 8' x 5' American flag keepsake that flew over the Capitol on February 3, 2006.

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PYRC #41: Sweet, Sticky and Spicy Brussel Sprouts

Who doesn't love brussel sprouts? Oh wait, maybe lots of people, but I'm having trouble understanding why. Well, the post-20-Kendra-who-actually-eats-things is having trouble understanding why. Brussel sprouts are like mini cabbage balls of goodness, and I could eat them all. day. long. Simmered in chicken broth, sautéed in bacon, or covered in honey and soy. Which leads me to today's Pinterest recipe - sweet, sticky and spicy brussel sprouts.

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Kitsy Co: Etsy Shop Update

Hello my favorite readers! I thought I'd share an update on my Etsy shop.

Since my official opening blog post, I accomplished my first sale, I've had one custom order, my design aesthetic is taking form and my husband has voluntarily taken the role of business developer :) Mostly though, I've been investing my spare time into developing more inventory. If I were counting inventory based on my sketch book (my handy idea trapper keeper), I would have 100 new pieces to showcase. But let's be honest, I've since finished 8 new invitations and 3 new sets of art.

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Fiestaware Love

Amongst one of my many kitchen obsessions is Fiestaware.

(Some non-Fiestware nestled in the cabinets as well.)
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Shabby Chic Dresser Makeover

My latest and greatest DIY feature – a brown dresser shabby chic makeover.

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