Greetings from Austin Part 2 - A Few Differences between Austin and Dallas

I've officially been an Austinite (for the second time) going on a month and a half now. The first day I drove down I was a little weirded out being in a "new" place, but it only took a day or two to feel right back at home. It's funny how your navigation and knowledge of a town can return so quickly. My love for Austin, however, never left.

So what's the big difference between where I'm at now (Austin) versus where I was (Dallas)? Well, there are lots of things, including both the obvious and not-so-obvious.

Eating. People LOVE to eat, and everyone seems to be a foodie. Places are crowded with a line out the door on a Monday night because food is everything - culture, adventure, social time, etc. And when you hear of a good place to eat, YOU HAVE TO GO! Not to mention, there's tons of good food everywhere to meet every budget possible, and you don’t really have to spend much to get a lot.

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