Cream Cheese Marshmallow Puff Fruit Dip

When I was little my grandmother used to make cream cheese and marshmallow cream puff fruit dip, and I used to devour it. Now that I'm older, I still devour it. So when we had a fruit spread at work, I lathered my berries in what I thought was my favorite dip, but to my surprise, it was actually Jason's Deli yogurt dip (totally not the same, by the way). Even more to my surprise during the debacle, I learned that some of my co-workers had never even had the cream cheese fruit dip I spoke of. What??? Never??? Not acceptable on my watch.

To easily fix the scenario of deprived bellies and to sway my co-workers towards a cream cheese fruit dip obsession, I vowed to make the snack for a work meeting. So at 10:30 a.m. on a Monday morning, we chowed!

Pardon the fact that mine is pink. I really needed to dispose of the Einstein’s strawberry shmear in my fridge.

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Needless to say, I think I won them over... all of them. And if for some crazy reason anyone else reading this post hasn't had this dip, forget about calories for a day, and go make it!

  • 8 oz. cream cheese, softened (Philadelphia is best)
  • 7 oz. marshmallow creme puff (small jar in the baking aisle)

Recipe: Blend cream cheese and marshmallow creme puff with an electric mixer or mixing wand, and serve result with fruit.

The recipe really is that simple - mix together. The toughest part is just making sure your cream cheese is softened enough so that you have a smooth, creamy dip without cream cheese chunks (not that it actually changes the taste, though).

That's my share for the day... to save any souls who have not had this fruit dip. Enjoy!

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