Minimalist Christmas Decor

We put our tree up for the first time in THREE years. Woot. And the $30 spent in college on this Black Friday tree has clearly been well worth that full hosting shift I probably had to work to buy it. Have come along way.

The tree that has been dragged from storage unit to storage unit to attic to attic finally made its reappearance with a few other pieces of decor that have also been dragged through a similar tumultuous journey. Dubbed for this post - minimalist decor.

House Projects Update

Warning! Our house is currently chaos. We're talking cabinet doors and drawers everywhere, content of those drawers everywhere, tools everywhere, furniture everywhere, half painted things everywhere, paint spills on old carpet, miscellaneous holes in the walls and ceiling, missing baseboards, missing vents and outlets, ripped out things, half finished things, you get the gist. We've currently banned people from coming over, and according to the reactions of a couple of people that have stopped by, that seems to have been a good decision.

Are you cringing? It's gotten arguably better and worse.

But I promise we can see the light, the vision, an end result that is fabulous. And it's going to happen fast. We spent nearly four months on the go this summer, every week, every weekend, shortly after we moved in, so having a "break" to focus on remodeling is nearly therapeutic (well, for me anyway).

Are the Walls Gray, Purple or Blue and Black?

***Disclaimer: This blog post was written in April. We've come a long way, but I'm still a little bit scarred by the color of our walls, no matter how gray, purple or black and blue they are.

Ahhhhhhh, my paint savvy self (or so I thought) is totally dying about our wall colors, and not necessarily in a good way. I wanted greige walls - gray + beige mixed. Aka, a warm gray, not with blue, or purple, undertones. So we have this.

Not so bad, right? Well the color might as well be labeled blue and black because in our lovely lighting the Easter bunny came and laid lilac toned walls everywhere. Purple, y'all!!!

We Bought a House... Again

Surprise! We bought a house... like 6 months ago... in the land we love, Austin. That may be a partial reason why I have really fallen off the radar this time. And as I've debated announcing an official blogging hiatus (just too many irons in the fire), I realized I'd at least like to share our decision to buy a house... again.

10 Tips to Surviving SXSW Interactive as a Newbie

SXSW Interactive is coming up again…. next year. But by the time next year rolls around, I’ll have forgotten the survival tips I learned this year. Oh, did you miss it? I attended SXSW Interactive for the first time and had a blast, an exhausting blast.

Yeah, those two words – exhausting and blast. They come hand in hand for SXSW. And they’ll get ya really good if you aren’t prepared. You’ll have a blast on day 1, day 2 and maybe even day 3, and by day 4 you’re either sick, blistered, bloated, brain dead, bags under your eyes, living on energy drinks, pushing through as though you’re still 21 years old and can work hard and play hard all at the same time, or if none of the above, just crazy. But there’s hope! There is too much to do and see and learn at SXSW to miss out due to bad preparation.

Here are my 10 tips to surviving SXSW as a newbie. Some I followed, some I figured out, and some I learned ahead of time but completely ignored (my bad).

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