PYRC #40: Crawfish Enchiladas with Jalepeno Cream Sauce and Homemade Spanish Rice

In conclusion to my recent Pinterest recipe kick, I give you crawfish enchiladas with jalepeno cream sauce, served with homemade Spanish rice.
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Quarter of a Century Thus Far

I've officially been a quarter of a century years old for over a week, and I've survived… I guess… I think. I can't say that 25 has been any more adventurous than 24, so far, but I had a blast making the transition. Since I didn't give much attention to my last few birthdays, I found a 1+ week long celebration more than appropriate.

Day 1 festivities actually started with my mom's birthday (1 week before mine) at one of our fave restaurants ever, Pappadeaux. We gorged with fresh french bread and scampi butter, gulf coast oysters on the half shell, shrimp and crawfish fondeaux, crispy salmon, jumbo crab and shrimp, and classic bread pudding with bourbon sauce.

The next day we followed our cajun dinner with a dual-birthday crawfish boil at our house.

PYRC #39: Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork

I made Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork, and it was... an interesting experience? The best? A fail?
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PYRC #38: Super Simple Shrimp Tacos

I feel like I have a ton of taco recipes on my Pinterest board, yet I'm not sure if I've made any I them... until these super simple cilantro shrimp tacos.

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PYRC #37: Crock Pot Hawaiian BBQ Chicken

I've been tackling quite a few Pinterest recipes lately (need to catch up on the blog), including this Crock Pot Hawaiian BBQ Chicken.

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First Annual Crawfish Boil

My husband's Cajun family hosts a plethora of crawfish boils, and I've been to many with him and elsewhere, but for the first time, we hosted one of our own at our house.
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Hot Dogs at Hot Doug's

I absolutely LOVE Chicago dogs, so on our Chicago trip last March, I was on a mission to find the best of the best, and I think I did it. Hot dogs at Hot Doug's!

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Perfect Pancakes at the Bongo Room

Holy pancake batman, welcome to the Bongo Room. If you missed yesterday's post, I'm now reliving my Chicago St. Patty's Day 2012 restaurant stops, and I cannot forget to share this mouthwatering pancake experience.

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Deep Dish Pizza at Gino's East

In spirit of upcoming St. Patty's Day, my trip to Chicago last year, all the delicious restaurants we ate at, and the fact that I said I would post about them but never did, I'm giving you my version of Chicago restaurant week, hoping I can help at least one traveler looking for some Chicago foodie hot spots (that was me last year). Being a deep dish mecca city, I'm starting with Gino's East.

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