PYRC #50: Lazy Day Shrimp Scampi

I bought shrimp and parmesan cheese to make a pesto shrimp recipe, but it turns out that the recipe was for cilantro pesto, not basil pesto, so I diverted to plan two - making any Pinterest recipe that I had the ingredients for. I wasn't really in the mood to cook, actually, so this oven garlic butter shrimp was perfect (aka Lazy Day Shrimp Scampi).

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I don't have a link to credit. My directions were simply the following caption:

On My Own Time Art Show Year 3

I am happy to announce that for the third year in a row, I scored first place prizes in the Ben E. Keith On My Own Time art show (my husband's company). My winning pieces were...

My beloved 2109 Meadow Lane reclaimed art piece (first place in mixed media)

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And one of my Kitsy Co pieces, Chirp! Chirp! (first place in works on canvas)

Happy Two Year Wedding Anniversary!

Today is October 15, 2013, which means it's a happy two year anniversary to the hubby and I! This year has had one too many memories to even count, so rather than drowning you with my sap, how about a throw back Tuesday wedding recap?!?! Buckle in - wedding photos here we go!

Reclaimed Texas Art Piece from House Scraps - Part 2

TIME OUT! If you missed the first part of my Texas reclaimed art project, read about it here.

At this stage I had already:
  • Gutted and re-assembled a pallet base
  • Gathered and cut scrap material to fit inside of the pallet
  • Painted the scraps vibrant colors

Next, diving into part 2 of the project, came assembling a "lid" to my art piece. The end goal? A top (front) panel for the pallet with the shape of Texas cut out, to create a shadow box-style effect. For this part I used a section of paneling from our living room remodel.

Reclaimed Texas Art Piece from House Scraps - Part 1

And now to introduce hands-down my favorite project of 2013 - the Meadow Lane Texas reclaimed art piece.

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I did it! After a year of talking about it, I finally made it! A reclaimed art piece made of only reclaimed scraps from our house remodel - trim, base boards, shelving hangers, fence wood, pallets, paneling, old screws, etc.

I took a ton of photos throughout the process, so being as brief as I possibly can, here's my beloved mixed media art project, inspired by artist Dolan Geiman.

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