Chicago Day 2: Eating and Seeing the City

Last week I was able to share day 1 of our Chicago trip and I've just now found time to finally share day 2...

Friday morning it was hard to get up and out from our infamously comfortable Hilton bed, but eventually we did... for pancakes. A friend recommended that we should go to the Bongo Room for breakfast, and since there was one so close to our hotel, that we did.

Chicago Day 1: The Palmer House & Carmine's

This past weekend I was lucky enough to enjoy a mini-vacation to Chicago with Jeff. I had actually decided at some point last year that I wanted to take the trip because it seemed to be the perfect weekend to go: my birthday + St. Patrick's Day + my Chicago friend Caitlin's birthday. It was no doubt an adventure-filled, tourist-filled, food-filled weekend.

Since Thursday was my actual birthday, we flew out to Chicago that evening after Jeff got home from work. Due to the late arrival though we didn't have too much time to do more than check into the hotel and go out for a birthday dinner.

First stop, Palmer House Hilton to drop off our bags and freshen up.

Tiffany's Chic Rustic Wedding

This past weekend I stayed plenty busy partaking in wedding festivities for my wonderful college roommate Tiffany. Tiffany met her husband Derek when we lived together sophomore year and there has no doubt been anticipation for this wedding ever since.

Friday of course was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. We started out at First Christian Church Plano and then finished at Derek's aunt's house for BBQ. Also that night we had a bridesmaids moment where Tiff passed out her bridesmaids gifts. Us lucky girls were given jewelry, getting ready shirts, and matching clutches for the Big Day. The clutches, ordered from Etsy, had the cutest personalized message inside.

Cute Patterned Target Melamine Plates

Ever since the wedding I've had cute melamine plates on my "to-buy" list. Specifically I've had them on my Target "to-buy" list (with wedding gift cards of course). It might not sound sensible to want another set of plates considering we just received new Fiestaware for the wedding, but realistically Fiesta dishes are just not always necessary for things like sandwiches and chips. And plus, I'd prefer to have something non-breakable on hand to eat on outside or to give to kids.

So luckily, after unsuccessfully finding cute plates on Target's website, I found the perfect patterned set in the actual store.

Yellow Guest Bedroom Makeover

Happy Friday everyone! I am excited to be writing this post today because I am proud to say that we have FINALLY finished our last room makeover - the guest bedroom.

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