Art for Baby Jameson’s Chic Blue and Gray Room

As promised in my Baby Jameson art preview, I added the final word of the Luke 2:40 scripture and finished my first painting of 2012!

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PYRC #18: Summer Corn Cakes with Chopped Tomato and Avocado Salsa

Last month I felt like all I posted was Pinterest recipes, and now I feel like I haven't posted a Pinterest recipe in forever! I guess I have to pick - cooking or house - and lately it's been 100% house. I mean I have to finish the remodel eventually, right?

Well, these summer corn cakes were on my cravings list since the day I pinned them. They just looked too good. And guess what? They tasted just too good too!

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An Organized, Functioning Office… Finally

In February I shared our newly refinished office, and even though I aimed to have the office organized and complete by the end of March, six months later, I can finally say it's done!!!

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My Attempt at Southwestern Egg Drop Soup

Two soups I love - egg drop soup and tortilla soup. Combine them together, and you get Southwestern Egg Drop soup! Nope, not a recipe, just an imagination in my head that I tried to translate into a dish. Let me note two things to start though, 1) I've never made egg drop soup before, and 2) I am not a skilled soup maker in general. Considering this was my first attempt at the recipe-less, hodge podge creation, I'd say it was a good start.

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I Won! Ben E. Keith On My Own Time Art Show

I am so excited to announce that my Flamingo won Best of Show and 1st place for Works on Canvas in the Ben E. Keith On My Own Time Art Show.

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Redi Arch: An Arch Window Shade Solution

Believe it or not, we don't have too many windows in our house, and of the four full-size windows we do have, all four have arches.

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Cream Cheese Marshmallow Puff Fruit Dip

When I was little my grandmother used to make cream cheese and marshmallow cream puff fruit dip, and I used to devour it. Now that I'm older, I still devour it. So when we had a fruit spread at work, I lathered my berries in what I thought was my favorite dip, but to my surprise, it was actually Jason's Deli yogurt dip (totally not the same, by the way). Even more to my surprise during the debacle, I learned that some of my co-workers had never even had the cream cheese fruit dip I spoke of. What??? Never??? Not acceptable on my watch.

To easily fix the scenario of deprived bellies and to sway my co-workers towards a cream cheese fruit dip obsession, I vowed to make the snack for a work meeting. So at 10:30 a.m. on a Monday morning, we chowed!

Pardon the fact that mine is pink. I really needed to dispose of the Einstein’s strawberry shmear in my fridge.

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Chambers Vintage Gas Stove

My life seems to consist of a lot of impulse and random, including when Jeff calls me at work to tell me we're getting a vintage 50's stove. WTF!

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Baby Livingston has Arrived!

Remember the baby shower we threw for my sweet cousin Brooke in June? Well, her due date came (and went), and I can now officially say that we've added a new member to the family... and it's a boy!!!

PYRC #17: Fresh Caprese Quinoa Salad

Quinoa is an interesting super grain that is great to mix in with salads or vegetables (like the quinoa grapefruit and avocado spinach salad I made in May). With the summer heat cranking and my garden slowly dying, I vowed to make this caprese quinoa salad recipe before my basil and tomatoes died.


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