PYRC #59: Creamy Cajun Crawfish Pasta

Get ready. One of the best times of the year is coming upon us - crawfish season.

For us, when we end up with too much crawfish at a boil (sounds crazy, right?), we all sit around the table, peel the leftovers until our fingers hurt and one lucky person gets to stow away a crawfish-filled ziploc in the freezer for later use.

Now what to use those leftover crawfish tails for if you're looking for something beyond the traditional etouffee, creole, etc.? Well I've personally tried crawfish enchiladas and then discovered something even better, Creamy Cajun Crawfish Pasta.

30 Reasons Why I Love Austin

I don't have to say much for you to know how much I love Austin. And as I creep up on my 1 year returniversary (next week), here's 30 starter reasons as to why I'm forever grateful to be back.

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