House Projects Update

Warning! Our house is currently chaos. We're talking cabinet doors and drawers everywhere, content of those drawers everywhere, tools everywhere, furniture everywhere, half painted things everywhere, paint spills on old carpet, miscellaneous holes in the walls and ceiling, missing baseboards, missing vents and outlets, ripped out things, half finished things, you get the gist. We've currently banned people from coming over, and according to the reactions of a couple of people that have stopped by, that seems to have been a good decision.

Are you cringing? It's gotten arguably better and worse.

But I promise we can see the light, the vision, an end result that is fabulous. And it's going to happen fast. We spent nearly four months on the go this summer, every week, every weekend, shortly after we moved in, so having a "break" to focus on remodeling is nearly therapeutic (well, for me anyway).

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