PYRC #24: Egg-in-the-Hole Burger

Who wouldn't get excited about this post? It's a burger with an egg baked inside! Ok, maybe the people who are totally creeped out by having an egg on their burger, but that is totally not me.

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West Texas Adventures: Scenic Tour

Ah, the conclusion of our West Texas trip. I've featured Fort Davis, Alpine and Marfa, and all I have left is the scenic view.

By the last day of our trip, we had exhausted most of our to-do, to-see resources, especially since many of the local businesses were closed on Sunday. Taking a tip from an Eskimo Hut local, we chose to take a scenic drive through the mountains, around the outskirts of Big Bend, through Lajitas and along the border of Mexico. The approximately five hour trip definitely had some nice views.

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West Texas Adventures: Marfa

If you haven't heard of Marfa, it's an eclectic, artsy town that is planted in the middle of what-seems to be nowhere.
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West Texas Adventures: Fort Davis

For our one year anniversary (which was Monday), we indubitably had to plan a trip. Contending places included Savannah, Mexico, the Hill Country, San Francisco and Marfa, amongst others. For a plethora of reasons, we chose Marfa, which entailed an eight hour low-key, relaxing road trip to some interesting West Texas towns. Jeff did a college advertising campaign on Marfa, and I did one on the nearby UT McDonald Observatory; so needless to say, a trip that direction had been on our radar for quite some time. Throughout the weekend we visited Marfa, Alpine and Fort Davis, and then drove our way through the outskirts of Big Bend and along the border of Mexico.
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PYRC #23: Grilled Marinated Mushrooms, Crockpot BBQ Ribs and Baked Zucchini Sticks with Sweet Onion Dip

As a recap and in case you're wondering what PYRC means, it stands for Pinterest Yummy Recipe Challenge. Back in January I challenged myself to actually make the recipe pins that I tagged to my Yummy Recipes board. I started with mushroom soup and now over 10 months later, I'm 23 posts and 35+ recipes deep.

Grilled Marinated Mushrooms

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Garden Still Growing

I planned a post a month or two ago about the success and death of my first garden (even referenced it in a post or two), but then, somehow, there was an unexpected change in weather, the heat dropped, moisture came in, and my plants survived! Aside from jumping for joy over what I thought was the perfect Texas summer (100+ degree days kept to a minimum), I was even more thrilled to keep my vegetables growing.

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