PYRC #34: Crash Hot Potatoes

I'm not generally a potato cooker or eater, but I do enjoy red potatoes, and these Pioneer Woman crash hot potatoes were totally worth it.

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Simply boil your potatoes, smash them with a potato masher, top with olive oil and seasonings, and then bake on 450 degrees for 20 minutes. (I can actually remember this one!) The boiling gets your potatoes nice and soft, while the oven crisps the skin and outside, making for a tasty side dish. Our potatoes were even old and dried out (and did not look very pretty), and they still tasted great. Jeff kept picking at them after dinner, so that means they were totally a hit.

If you're a potato cooker, try these at your dinner table with this recipe from The Pioneer Woman, an always-promising recipe source.

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  1. I am always thinking of different ways to serve potatoes. Mashed gets boring...Thank you and Pioneer Woman!


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