The Ennis National Polka Festival

Pivo, polka, party. 3 words that describe Ennis, Texas each year on Memorial Day Weekend. Why exactly? The Ennis National Polka Festival.

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Too Easy Peanut Butter M&M Bars

Quick share today - yummy peanut butter M&M bars. I made these for our recent Canton camping trip, and they were a total hit!

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Canton First Monday Trade Days

I grew up less than an hour away from Canton, Texas and had NEVER been to First Monday Trade Days until last month.

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More Random Shopping at Ross

I have a Ross addiction. Say what you want because I already know, and I don't care. I can easily waste my entire lunch hour mindlessly wandering the aisles, pondering if I need things that I don't really need at all. The mark downs just get me every time (total sucker)! I went in before vacation to buy Mickie a dog outfit for the Texas Rangers Bark in the Park night. I found one... for $3.99... and about 5 other things.

Mickie's baseball tee - $3.99

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