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You can catch all my Pots, Pans and Paintbrushes updates (design, plans, etc.) or check out all my feature shout-outs in these blog features and updates. To show off all of the blogging love I have received, though, and to send a special thanks to everyone who has featured my projects, below are all of my features and kudos.

Reclaimed Texas Art Piece from House Scraps

Considering my favorite Texas art piece (and favorite DIY project featured on PPP) is made 100% from house remodeling scraps - trim, base boards, shelving hangers, fence wood, pallets, paneling and even old screws - Beckie at Roadkill Rescue gave it a feature! Read Part One or Part Two of the mixed media art project for the full DIY scoop.

The Ugly Bookshelf Makeover

From trash to treasure, these laminate bookselfs landed a spot on Roadkill Rescue. View the original makeover here, see the shelved post-decorated here or check out the feature on Roadkill Rescue.

Not necessarily a feature, but Jacki at Decor You Adore also gave a shout out to my ugly bookshelf makeover as inspiration for using the neutral Allen Roth spanish tile wallpaper for her desk makeover.

The Big Living Room Reveal

Considering how excited I was to show off our living room before and after, I was pretty excited for others to show it off as well. Remodelaholic showcased the reveal as a top pick from their Remodelaholics Anonymous link party. And over at Handy Man, Crafty Woman, my living room remodel was featured in the Wicked Awesome Wednesday link party.

I was featured on Remodelaholic! 

DIY Floating Mantel

This special DIY floating mantel project, which was ultimately part of our living room makeover, did not just receive a shout out on Remodelaholic, it received its own special feature. Check out the Remodelaholic featured post, Modern Floating Mantel Shelf.

I was featured on Remodelaholic!

Shabby Chic Dresser Makeover

Once again, Roadkill Rescue dubbed this trash to treasure worthy of a feature, and Sugar Bee Crafts selected it as a top pick from their Take-A-Look-Tuesday link partyThe original makeover post is here. 

Chicken Wire Frame Features

My DIY Chicken Wire Frame Tutorial received lots of love. It was featured on Tater Tots and Jello in a list of fun, bright colored spring projects submitted to the Weekend Wrap Up link party, as well as Roadkill Rescue for its salvaged before and after.

DIY Burlap Vases from Starbucks Frappucino Bottles

Amy at One Artsy Mama, an avid Starbucks lover, added the burlap vases project to her Top Ten Thursday list, sourced from her Shine of Fridays link-up party.

Rachel from Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle also featured the "mini vase" project

Liebster Blog Award

Susan at Organized 31 nominated my blog in 2012 for the Liebster Blog Award, a designation given by bloggers to other up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers, to show appreciation, sprinkle some kudos and help spread the word.

For acceptance, I had to write 11 random things about myself, answer 11 questions, create 11 questions for my nominees and then nominate 11 new blogs. See my responses here.

Thank you to everyone for your love and support!

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