PRYC #36: Asian Turkey Meatballs and Chinese Egg Drop Soup

I've been on a small Pinterest recipe kick... an Asian kick... and it's a good kick to be on.

Asian Turkey Meatballs with Lime Dipping Sauce

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I LOVE meatballs, and I've tried to make this recipe like 8 times, well not tried, but told myself I was going to make this like 8 times and never did. Finally though, it hit the table. My thoughts:

  • Derived from one of my fave recipe blogs - Skinnytaste - so I knew it'd be delish (and kind of low-cal?)
  • I don't think I used enough turkey, so our meatballs were kind of heavy on the lime/cilantro/scallion/ginger flavors
  • The baking method - so much easier and more convenient than frying
  • You probably need less than 1/2 the lime dipping sauce; it's pretty potent, so you don't really need that much
  • I couldn't stop thinking about what a great pita filler these would make
  • Would also serve as a great appetizer

Overall, the meatballs passed the test and will pair well with any Asian meal, as an appetizer, entree, sandwich filler, whatever. Here's the recipe for you to try from The Girl Who Ate Everything.

Chinese Egg Drop Soup

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I didn't actually find this recipe on Pinterest, rather Jeff found it randomly online, so I pinned it and short-listed it to the top of my to-do. I've been seriously craving egg drop soup, and frequently do, so I was hoping this recipe could make me an at-home expert. Well, it didn't make me an expert, or Jeff, but it did bring us a step closer to nailing the egg drop technique, way better than our first guessing game attempt. The key was pouring the egg a little faster, stirring the egg a little slower, and thickening the broth with cornstarch.

I can't say this egg drop soup tasted anything like the soup I'm familiar with from a Chinese restaurant. However, it was a unique rendition with a more developed flavor profile, running strong with hints of ginger and white pepper. I'm hoping my newly learned skills (aka not finely shredding the egg when stirring it into the broth) paired with a different recipe can get me to the commercial egg drop soup taste I'm looking for. I do highly recommend this recipe, though, if you’re looking for something refreshing and new. You can find the recipe here (and even watch a video) from the Steamy Kitchen.

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