Art for Baby Jameson’s Chic Blue and Gray Room

As promised in my Baby Jameson art preview, I added the final word of the Luke 2:40 scripture and finished my first painting of 2012!

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In case you missed it, my cousin Brooke kept her baby's sex a surprise, so we waited until he/she was born to paint "him" or "her" at the end of the verse. Turns out, we welcomed a cutie "him."

The painting is extra meaningful because it is based from my Aunt Anna's handwriting.

At first, I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to replicate her handwriting since I normally use computerized fonts, but after racking my brain (very briefly), I used the moment as an excuse to buy the Tracer Projector I had been wanting for quite some time. I rigged a set-up in my hallway and bathroom and attempted to trace the script in the dark.

Yes, there must be a better way, but it worked in the end, and now Baby Jameson has such a special head board.

Oh, and I also promised to share his precious, chic blue and gray baby room.

The tender, love and care Brooke and Justin added to this peaceful room makes it so cute and meaningful.

Coordinating framed fabric with refinished frames. The frame on the left is from the 1800's.
Wooly the lamb from Brooke's mom (Aunt Anna), and the "L" given by friends and used for shower decor.
Handsewn pillows by Brookie herself.
Refinished dresser/changing table and crib by Justin. Changing pad cover made by Brooke's sister-in-law.
Justin's blue jeans, framed, from when he was a baby.

A+ to Brooke and Justin for envisioning and bringing together the perfect room for our sweet Baby Jameson!

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  1. This is just STUNNING!!!!!
    I love the quote: so much meaning!
    I love the execution...
    I LOVE the room...
    Soooo well done!

  2. Adorable nursery!! Love the wall art!


  3. everything about the room! Fabulous!


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