Chambers Vintage Gas Stove

My life seems to consist of a lot of impulse and random, including when Jeff calls me at work to tell me we're getting a vintage 50's stove. WTF!

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Ok, I admit, it's pretty cool, but I'm still trying to figure out what the heck we're supposed to do with. It definitely would not fit in our current kitchen nor would I want to leave it with the house. I guess for now it'll be garage decor until we get around to fixing it. Then we could (a) sell it or (b) save it for a future home. I mean, I am totally for a kitchen of character, and better yet, I am totally for its cool features. It’s gas and has a warming oven, a deep fryer and a spot for a cast iron skillet with drip pan.

You literally have to ignite the pilot by using a match.
Warming oven. Ignore our parts in pieces hanging out inside.
Deep fryer built in? Could not get cooler (or more unhealthy) than that.
Need to replace the currently missing cast iron skillet that goes on top of the drip pan.

The stove is also just as heavy as it is interesting. It took three guys and a near death to successfully unload it from the truck. And along with heavy comes big, and its bulky size definitely does not contribute to our efforts of clearing out the garage. One thing out, another thing in. But that is actually okay because it was FREE. Can you believe that? Jeff's friend had it sitting at his house for quite a while and was more than happy to help to unload it, literally :)

So DIY project number 8,002 officially added to our list. Wish us luck.


  1. Kendra: The "missing cast iron skillet" is actually an aluminum griddle. And the "deep fryer" is called a 'thermowell'. You can put like chili in there in the morn, burn the gas 20 minutes, turn the gas OFF, and when you come home @ night, the chili is done & piping hot! Chambers are insulated w/rockwool, and the oven works the same way---burn the gas the recommended time, then turn it OFF, and the food cooks on retained heat!

    Here's a coupla websites that will give you more info:

    I have restored THREE, and am now working on an Imperial--the commercial version.

    Good luck w/your stove!!


    1. Thank you so much for the insight, references and well wishes. We may definitely be in over our heads on this one but are excited to have it on the project list!

    2. What did you ever do with your Chambers stove? What a beauty! We just recently got one and don't know how we survived all these years without it! This "cooking with the gas turned off" really works! I can't believe in this day and age where we're supposed to be so energy conscious that no one builds something like this anymore. Good thing these are built to last!

    3. My uncle actually has it now. He has a vintage, 50's theme shop that he put it in. Beauty is right!


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