An Organized, Functioning Office… Finally

In February I shared our newly refinished office, and even though I aimed to have the office organized and complete by the end of March, six months later, I can finally say it's done!!!

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I finally arranged our made-over laminate shelves (the makeover shared here) with all of our books, pictures, wedding mementos, etc.

I used Ziplocs and duct tape to organize the endless amounts of odd and ends that have been traveling around with us in jumbled boxes since college.

I spent hours and hours sorting through all of our files and papers to organize into a filing cabinet we snagged from Jeff's grandmother's house (to be made over one day too).

I also filtered through every other office box stuffed with art supplies, crafting supplies, scrapbook supplies, fabrics, pictures, old cd's, mementos, pens, pencils, folders, papers, spirals, books, and any and every other possible office or project-oriented item that comes to mind. Yes, my all-encompassing collection started in high school and will continue to grow until I'm forced one day to have my own office/art/craft studio with endless amounts of storage and space. For now though, my transformed bedroom will just have to do.

And I can't forget to share the awesome Ethan office chairs I found at World Market.

I love the contrasting modern look of the chairs paired with our traditional dining table turned desk. And the best part is that by using my thrifting powers - 40% off office furniture sale + another 15% off coupon - I purchased two of these chairs for less than the price of one!

So that is our organized office as of now. Of course I still have a couple of major pieces to add, some projects to do and some touches to finish, but at least for now, we have a FUNCTIONING office!

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