The Obvious Hiatus

In 2015 (over a year ago!!!!) I contemplated the decision to put this blog on a hiatus, but I just didn't have the heart to do it. We had moved into a new house and had so many fun, exciting things going on that I wanted to be able to share all about it. But the reality was that my side gig, Kitsy Co, was sucking up all my free time and something just had to give. So rather than give an official goodbye, this poor blog has just sat update-less for over a year. I'm not here to say it's revived, but I'm also not here to say I'm taking it down permanently. I still go back and reference posts all the time (like seriously, why don't I just write some of my own recipes down). But, I am excited to announce that I'll be contributing to Austin Moms Blog in 2017, getting in my blogging fix, and that Kitsy Co has reached new heights, with a website and all.

Stay cool, my friends!



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