PYRC #58: Four Super Bowl Snack Ideas

If you haven't already sourced the web for a new calorie-filled snack to serve on Super Bowl Sunday, then maybe I can help you out with a few ideas.

Sweet Onion Pizza Sliders

These little guys remind me of my FAVORITE ham and cheese sliders, and if you've ever made those yourself, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I LOVE pizza too, so pizza + my favorite ham and cheese sliders = recipe for success. Think salami, prosciutto, mozzarella, pizza sauce and sweet, sauteed onions on Hawaiian dinner rolls, topped with a buttery brown sugar mustard sauce, and then baked, only to be served hot and gooey - yum. I don't think your game watchers will complain one bit. Thank Reluctant Entertainer for the recipe, which you can grab here.

Cream Cheese Fiesta Dip

First of all, anything made with cream cheese is delicious and mostly likely sinful. Second of all, this dip can be subconsciously addictive, which makes it GREAT for a party and BAD for a Grey's Anatomy marathon on your couch by yourself. The dip may seem weird when you put it together - cream cheese, sour cream, corn, black beans, tomatoes, taco seasoning, cheese - but melded together, spot on for a dip. And the recipe is a breeze, "In a large bowl, mix all ingredients." It does say to let it chill for 24 hours and then serve, but rather I chose to warm it in a crockpot and serve it hot. Just use LOW heat if you do, and be patient so you get a smooth, creamy dip. Click here for the recipe from Eat Cake For Dinner.

Fire Crackers

Saltines are like the most boring, dry crackers ever. I would never buy saltines for just a snack food. Soup - yes. Oysters - yes. Just for a snack - no. BUT THEN, you add this magical seasoning to them, and you've never devoured a box of saltines so fast in your life, seriously. I first had them at a friend's party and was shocked by how good they were, and then I came across the recipe on Pinterest. The coating is just dry ranch mix, oil, red pepper flakes and garlic powder. But that ranch mix though, GIMME MORE. You don't need a fridge for this, or an oven, just a mean bowl to serve the crackers in once they're ready. For real, I've already made this recipe a couple of times for functions, and I will continue to be the cracker girl. AND I will most likely blog about these separately because they're annoyingly good. has the quick 7-step recipe for you to make these addicting crackers.

No-Cook Feta Dip

So you're that person who wants to contribute something homemade but can't cook to save your life or maybe you just don't have the time. No-cook feta dip to the rescue. I repeat, NO-COOK. Take olive oil, feta, tomatoes, green onions and seasoning and stir them together on a platter. Then serve with sliced baguettes. Done. You don't have to prepare in advance, let it chill, cook, blah, blah, blah. You can literally grab the stuff from the store on your way to your party and mix upon arrival. You'll probably get a few recipe requests too. My two recommendations: no need for extra salt (the feta is salty enough) and use fresh ingredients, if possible. This quick recipe can be found here on Clover Lane.

Have a yummy, hurt-your-tummy, do better at the gym the next day Super Bowl!


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