Canadian Tuxedos, Mullets and 30

Ahhhh, my husband turned 30 this month. He had just turned 23 when I met him. How are we already at 30?!? Ok, I'm not 30, but Jeff is, and him turning 30 means that I'm even closer to turning 30, which I'm not really interested in. We do get to stay in our 20's forever if we'd like to, right? Because most days I feel like I still am 20. Pity party now over.

Actually, Jeff turning 30 was really just a great excuse to have the best birthday yet. And that, my friends, is exactly what happened. The guy who typically could care less about his birthday, who won't even dress up for Halloween, and who is never interested in going to 6th Street requested this....

A Canadian tuxedo pub crawl. Better yet, denim and mullet wigs.

What's a Canadian tuxedo you might ask? Denim on denim, or as Urban dictionary defines it, "denim jacket and jeans." Google image results will most likely give you this.

Source: Huffington Post Canada

And if you're a hard working country man, it's simply what you wear every day.

But Jeff was more focused on mullets, Patrick Swayze, and channeling his inner Road House. I don't know how this idea came up, but I'm pretty sure we've been talking about it for a year, and Jeff turned 30 with a bang. We're talking 40+ people, all facets of our friends and family, parading 6th Street in all denim (well, nearly all of us in all denim). The poor people who were just wearing denim out that night because they thought it was cute, I'm sure they were mortified by us.

As a friend said to Jeff that night, "Only you could get this group of people together downtown wearing denim." Jeff, you are one loved 30 year old.


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