PYRC #57: Dijon Roasted Cabbage

So, I really do adore cabbage in all sorts of shapes and forms, and that includes Brussels sprouts, cabbage's younger, smaller, better looking sibling (or so how I perceive them).

Anyway, I can whip up some mean sauteed cabbage, cabbage soup or slaw, healthy or not, but beyond that, my cabbage creativity is a bit weak. Fortunately my fab friend Pinterest has lent some recent inspiration. Thus I present....

Dijon Roasted Cabbage

The recipe starts out pretty easy: core the cabbage, and cut it into 8 wedges. Well, being the Martha Stewart that I am not, I have no clue how to perfectly core cabbage and end up with 8 beautiful wedges, but I CAN cut out the core and give you 8 (9?) cabbage hunks.

And then you're supposed to whip together a handful of basic ingredients (olive oil, Dijon mustard, crushed garlic, pepper, kosher salt and caraway seeds), but like, it's a Tuesday night and that sounds daunting. Plus, I have no Dijon mustard, and caraway seeds are entirely new to my personal dictionary. Since nothing in my pantry resembles seeds, I chose a rosemary and garlic bread dipping seasoning instead. And honey mustard + horseradish = Dijon mustard, right? Because that's kind of how the 1 minute sauce part went for me.

I dared myself to taste it. 50/50 shot at success. Was pleasantly surprised.

Next was brushing the sauce over the perfect cabbage wedges and then a fabulous, bang-up job covering it all in foil.

Fast forward to the completed product...

Whoops, repeat picture from above since I have no others.

The result? A good, new way to cook cabbage. I was not like over-the-top wowed (or from what I remember), but let's be real, it's roasted, healthy CABBAGE that doesn't have butter or bacon. And sauteing it or boiling it can only go so far, so I'm happy to know I can roast it.

Do you have cabbage in your fridge you don't know what to do with? Or are you looking for a different vegetable to try? Please, be my guest. I think you'll be pleased... only as long as your wedges are as pretty as mine.

The recipe... I'm not making my own rendition on this one. Visit Skinny Ms. for the step-by-step.


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