Tour de Tiny Rent House

Can you believe we've been back in Austin for almost an entire year already?!? And that means that we've lived in our little rent house for half the time that we lived in our first home in DFW. Time flies. Crazy.

We significantly reduced our living space when we moved to Austin (I think by about half or more when counting garage and shed space), so arranging furniture and decor was a little bit of a challenge, but alas, we did it, and if we're going to be living here, we're going to call it home. And thank goodness for some art to help us with that. Here's a mini, not all-inclusive tour of the house.

The kitchen and bathrooms are so tiny they're not worth snapping a photo of, and the master is so crammed, it's not really that cute on camera. But for the most part everything worked out and everything fit, and that's good enough for me for this short time here.

And tour de tiny rent house is now at a close :)



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