30 Reasons Why I Love Austin

I don't have to say much for you to know how much I love Austin. And as I creep up on my 1 year returniversary (next week), here's 30 starter reasons as to why I'm forever grateful to be back.
  1. Being outside and in the sun is an addicting drug.
  2. Being inside is not cool (which is why cold weather blows).
  3. Stress is not cool.
  4. Foodie and fit can describe the same person.
  5. Constant adventures at Town Lake and Zilker Park.
  6. Lunch and dinner on the lake is normal.
  7. Working out is normal (and can count as fun).
  8. Creativity seeps through the city's cracks.
  9. Art here is amazing and constantly changes.
  10. Graffiti isn't trashy.
  11. Entrepreneurship is both supported and encouraged.
  12. What starts here changes the world.
  13. Bleeding burnt orange.
  14. Walking or biking instead of driving is 100% normal.
  15. You can be a tourist in your own town.
  16. You can't wait to show the city off to your friends and family.
  17. Music. Everywhere. Any kind. Plenty free too.
  18. Anyone can be your friend because you all share a common bond – the love of Austin.
  19. Food pics are crucial so you can plan the next restaurant to try.
  20. Food trucks may or may not appear at your work for lunch.
  21. Mexican food. All. Day. Long.
  22. Tacos are for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  23. A v-neck and flip flops count for casual wear AND dress wear.
  24. HEB. Enough said.
  25. Beer. Beer. Beer. And craft beer.
  26. Free activities and adventures are endless.
  27. Not only is Austin amazing, but so are the places surrounding it.
  28. The Hill Country is just a skip away.
  29. Watering holes for days.
  30. Dogs are literally man's best friend.
What are some more reasons you love Austin? Because we all know that this list doesn’t really end.


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