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I have a lot of hobbies, and one those hobbies is called work. And though work may be more of a required hobby in my life than a volunteer one, at least it can be fun... most of the time.

For two years straight I've been assigned to manage what I think might be one of the most fun things we do at our firm - the annual Weaver "fun" video - a corporate culture video entirely devoted to being silly and letting folks know that these straight-laced accountants actually can loosen up their ties.

Our inaugural video (2013) featured our top leadership in a battle of the lip-syncing bands scenario. Outsiders may not laugh as much as insiders, but those of us who know the cast pretty well, which includes people like our CEO and COO, the video is hysterical. It still makes me laugh to this day.

So the request for a year 2 video was quite the challenge. I think everyone was a bit nervous for a better outcome due to the challenging precedent set, but thanks to our rockstar video production team, BFM Creative, year 2 turned out even better, and even appealed more to the mass audiences. The theme? A play on our annual firm ACTION hero awards, aka (for the purpose of the video) Weaver superheroes.

Corralling the firm's senior mangers (the 2014 cast) into one central location for a day to shoot a silly video is insanely challenging. And when you plan for 40-50 cast members, and are barely scraping by with 30 acceptances, dropouts are a true heart break (or maybe more of a headache). AND when that number drops too low and people call in "sick" the morning of the shoot, the project manager who knows all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody may or may not have to fill in last minute. Oh, you guessed it, that's me :)

Ok, I won't lie, I had fun, and no one had to pull my hair (or wig) to do it. And I was dying for a reason to try on those gold MC Hammer pants. But I really wasn't planning on being a part of the project that I had so diligently worked on for months, and if I hadn't recently karaoked every word to the song, I might have scoured the office for a different sub.

See, work can be fun!



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