PYRC #32: Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken and Asian Fried Rice

I saved this Asian dinner for a weekend because I knew it'd take some time - double crunch honey garlic chicken with fried rice.

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Double Crunch Honey Garlic Chicken

I've attempted many chicken Pinterest recipes - haven't blogged them all yet - and I think this was one of my most successful ones. The chicken was very rich, fried and slathered with a combo of honey and soy, but it was so flavorful. The process was a little tedious and time-consuming, the ingredients were a little unique (I surprisingly had most of them), and managing this recipe simultaneously while cooking the fried rice recipe was a little challenging, but I had fun making this, and it was worth the mess made. No recommendations, suggestions, etc. Follow the recipe as-is (grab it here from Rock Recipes) and enjoy some delicious Asian-esque chicken.

Asian Fried Rice

This recipe, found from Life as a Lofthouse, accompanies baked sweet and sour chicken in the post, but I had only pinned the rice, so I only made the rice. It paired well with the Asian-influenced double crunch honey garlic chicken. While the recipe was on par for typical fried rice, it tasted more like a frozen fried rice (I think that's what it reminded me of) than a Chinese restaurant fried rice. It's still good, nonetheless, and can feed many on dime. I also thought the cooking method was inspirational and hope to incorporate renditions in the future.

All in all, these recipes were a success.

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