PYRC #30: Crockpot Mac-n-Cheese

As debuted during Jeff's birthday dinner post, I made some bomb-diggity homemade mac-n-cheese.

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It was actually my third time to attempt a classic homemade version. The first time was a couple of years ago, and the second time was last February, posted here. The problem I've had each time, including this go-around, has been more about consistency than flavor. I can't get the cheese to properly melt! It curdles or is gritty and is just not creamy like traditional mac-n-cheese.

For this recipe, found here at A Whisk and a Prayer, I used mozzarella and 5-blend Italian shredded cheese and cooked it in the crockpot. I was determined this method would be perfect. While the recipe has been my favorite so far and while the mac-n-cheese was nothing less than a success, according the crowd's rave reviews anyway, it still wasn't creamy.

Sigh. Yes, I'm hard on myself, but goodness, what does it take? I feel like it shouldn't be this hard. How do YOU make your homemade mac-n-cheese creamy?

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  1. I have heard that if you use blocked cheese and shred it yourself it will melt better. I guess the pre shredded stuff has a coating on it that prevents it from melting in shipment therefore it's harder to get that creamy texture that we all love so much!! Mac and Cheese is my weakness....I could eat it everyday....I'm sure you can find the right recipe out there!! Laura


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