New Etsy Venture - Kitsy Co

I am excited to announce my latest, most time-consuming project, my Etsy shop, Kitsy Co!

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It's not launched yet, but I've been working away to get there. I'll be selling an "eclectic dose of invites and art." More info coming soon.

For now, the goal has been to finalize my logo, build inventory and establish my online presence. You can find me on all social media outlets, but my current focus is Instagram (@kitsyco) and Facebook (Kitsy Co).

As far as inventory, I completed my first set of generic birthday invites and squeezed in a chilly photo shoot for my product listing.

Classy outfit, right?

To supplement the invites, I've been researching suggested paper options for print-at-home buyers.

I even came across really cute paper and invite supplies along the way. I loved this set from Office Depot.

Back on track to Kitsy Co, I also completed my first round of art and have my next collection on the radar.

Needless to say, I am super excited about this Etsy adventure. It's been a long time coming, and I have so many ideas bottled inside for it. Coming soon will be my official launch post. I have tons more to share about my style, my shop, my inventory, my name, and most importantly, my launch.

[Update - visit the shop at]

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