I've Been Featured!

I am more than happy to announce that my ugly bookshelf makeover has been featured on Roadkill Rescue.

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A rescue is considered something that you got for free, meaning it was given, found or trash. Our previous home owners definitely left the bookshelves behind for the trash pile, and the hoarder in me just couldn’t let them go. Visit here to view the original makeover, here for shelves post-decorated and here for the feature.

You can discover all sorts of trash to treasure makeovers at Roadkill Rescue and maybe even find a project or two for yourself. I personally can’t wait to tackle another one.

PS – I received another blog recognition this week, and I can’t wait to share that too!

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  1. Excellent!!!!! I read every one of her posts! Cool to see that was you!

    PS: how did you find my blog, just out of curiosity? :)


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