My DIY Wedding

Ok, so I'm almost one month past my one-year anniversary, but that doesn't mean I still can't celebrate it with this DIY wedding post.

I'm Czech and from the small town of Ennis, and with that came a big Czech wedding. In order to host such an event yet still remain within a budget, that meant DIY everything, not necessarily on my own, but DIY nonetheless. Here's a snapshot, because I'm pretty sure I have MANY more photos, of the DIY work that made our wedding more than extra special:

"Save the Date" painted for/during our Save the Date video announcement

Flower balls for the flower girls, later hung as decor
Hair accessories for the flower girls
Special touch to my bouquet with my grandmother's Czech rosary... not really DIY but definitely special
My first completed sewing project! UT Longhorn garter
Entry assembled by the family, with drapery hung by a local vendor
DIY chicken wire frames hung from the ceiling; numbers cut from a Cricut
Cricut letters added to stained wood blocks, burlap table cloths, wood sections for props, lots of rafia and mason jars
Photos in mason jars bowed with raffia and our engagement photo applied to a painted canvas with modge podge
Sweet signage with more help from the Cricut... and Ginny
Custom photo book of our engagements used as our sign-in book
Distressed/painted photo frames and a blown up engagement from
Portrait wall! Definitely a crowd favorite
"G" for Germenis!
Chalkboard painted wine glasses and mugs for the head table along with our cricut (once again) and twine banner; bridesmaids' flower bouquets were missing from the vases at this moment in time
Burlap runners, branches in vases, burlap-wrapped Starbucks frappucino jars
Ikea lanters (love), raffia rapped mason jars with rock salt at the base, table tents for immediate family
Mason jars tied with raffia, filled with water and a floating candle, and rock salt at the bottom; "trees" entagled with beaded wire; vintage single-flower vases
Catering menu!
Czech barbecue dinner made by none other than FAMILY!
Cricut labels for the cake tables
Tree section for the cake base
Handmade wood cupcake stand lined with doiles, homemade cupcakes and J+K wooden hearts tagged with a burn pen
Grooms' cakes made by a friend and wood used for the cake bases
Homemade strudels from the family + other random goodies from my MeMaw (cookies, cream cheese rolls, etc.)
Old - Hair pieces taken from my grandmother's wedding head band; New - my dress; Borrowed - pearl earrings and bracelets from Margaret Palmer Jewelry; Blue - my mother's birth stone ring (my birth stone too!)
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I must give a BIG thank you to all of my friends and family (you know who you are) who helped put this all together. While I did slave over many projects for quite some time, I can definitely say that I did not do it all on my own. We had such a great wedding, were so happy to share the day with our family and friends, and are so thankful for the memories made. A full photo recap of our wedding can be found on Anne Marie Carson’s photography blog. Here’s just a few faves to complete this post!



  1. I LOVE your decorations and you look absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing:)


  2. Happy Anniversary!
    I just recently discovered your blog and am in awe of your artistic talent (AND your photography skills. The pictures of your West Texas adventures make me feel like I'm right there in Texas!).
    Wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Check here:


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