The Home Depot Hot Dog Man

My town may not have street food vendors, but who cares when you have the Home Depot hot dog man?

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One day Jeff came home to me and swore up and down that Home Depot had the best hot dogs. Then a friend of mine (cannot remember who) also swore Home Depot had the best hot dogs. Now I have officially joined the band wagon and agree that their hot dogs are pretty clutch.

Some people may think price, convenience and selection make these dogs so crave worthy. I personally think the onions are key. Jeff however has a way more detailed version of why people love these dogs.

"You're working, and it's hot. You then get into the truck to drive to Home Depot, and the AC cools you down. Then you walk around Home Depot, cool down some more and then you realize you're kind of hungry. So you start wondering what you're going to eat for lunch, and then you walk out and there's a hot dog for $2. That's why their hot dogs are so good." :)

I must say, Jeff's reasoning is normally how it works for us. And yes, we get a little excited to have lunch at Home Depot.

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