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If you know me well, you probably know I am a pretty frugal person, and I am a 100% sucker for a good deal, almost to a fault. With that being said, shopping at Ross is basically shooting an arrow into my Achilles heel. Why I am still allowed in that store (along with Target, World Market, Central Market and Hobby Lobby), I'm not really sure.

So what exactly gets me at Ross? Everything.

Even clothes sometimes.

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I often walk around just to browse (well, that's not normally my initial intent) and leave with either random purchases or lots of pictures of random things that I'd like to purchase. Here's some of my tempting findings:

Don't be fooled though. These photos represent only a fraction of the things I've found there, whether I bought them or not. I tend to take pictures of decor, but Ross has tons of functional items too - bedding, shower accessories, kitchenware, pet gear, you name it.

And here's the deal - I don't necessarily recommend Ross for things like serious clothes shopping (maybe just a random item or two), and Ross isn't necessarily known for designer brands (unlike TJ Max or Marshall's), but their prices are by far the cheapest, and that dangerously justifies purchases. Unfortunately, I don't have any price tags left to share some of my discounted steals.

If you're on a budget, need something random for yourself or your home, and you don't mind a seek-and-find, head to Ross!

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