The Kickrest: A Snuggie for Your Feet

When my Granny bought me a leopard Snuggie one year for Christmas (from QVC of course), I was beyond excited, especially since I had been wanting one. Well a couple of weeks ago Jeff decided he'd add something to accompany my Snuggie - a Kickrest.

One night I was cooking, walked into the living room, and Jeff confessed that he had just bought me something off of tv that he thought I would really like. What? Another QVC addiction in the family? But no, this infomercial was actually from the DIY Network. He tried to explain that the purchase was a Snuggie-like pillow rest that kept your feet warm and comfy while watching tv. Personally I thought he was a bit cuckoo.Well, a couple of days later the package arrived to justify the entire situation.

I mean as random and impulsive as the purchase was, it was a pretty intuitive buy. What Snuggie lover wouldn't want his/her feet snuggled too? Count me IN!

Now thanks to my husband, not only do my arms and body stay warm with a Snuggie, but my feet stay comfy and warm too with a Kickrest. Ha! Can't wait till this one hits the shelves.

On another note... I should have a guest bedroom makeover post on Friday. Stay tuned!

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