Yellow Guest Bedroom Makeover

Happy Friday everyone! I am excited to be writing this post today because I am proud to say that we have FINALLY finished our last room makeover - the guest bedroom.

While I thought the burnt orange office color was amazing, I didn't realize that our yellow guest bedroom could potentially top it. Jeff no doubt thinks it beats all we've done so far, and I'm not surprised that I agree considering I LOVE yellow walls.

So just like our other two rooms, the guest bedroom received an entire face lift: baseboards, paint, wall fixtures, concrete floors, etc. All it’s missing is blinds, doors, and potential a fan makeover. The transformation was awesome.

Our guest bedroom has been the icing on the cake, and we are so happy and proud of our new rooms. If you missed the reveal of the other two rooms, you can check out the master bedroom post here or the office post here, and if you just need a recap, here ya go:

Now that phase one of bedroom makeovers is officially complete, we can begin focusing on furnishing, decorating, and organizing the rooms. And March will be the perfect month for that since our weekends are currently too booked to squeeze in any labor-intensive projects. That also means I will have plenty of posts to come!

For now though I’m ending this post with Jeff's painted love in our hallway…

… and with a couple of link-up’s of course!

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