Yummy Shower for a Bride-to-Be

On March 10th my wonderful college roomie Tiffany will be tying the knot. So in spirit of the big day we of course had to host a wedding shower for the bride-to-be. And what better way for me to help host than to offer to cook the grub.

With food needed for about ten girls, I racked my brain (and Pinterest board) for ideas. The final decision was chicken salad sandwiches, fiesta pinwheels, avocado deviled eggs, and sausage balls (the last two courtesy of Pinterest).

The recipes are all fairly simple by themselves, but coordinating chopping, measuring, baking, cooling, and prepping for everything at the same time, with limited counter space and limited sink space, definitely put me up to a challenge. I woke up at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday thinking I had more than enough time to prepare the menu, yet 45 minutes before the shower I was scrambling to iron my dress, wrap Tiff's presents, load the car, and head out. However it happened though, it happened, and we ended up with food that everyone seemed to enjoy.

Tiff's sister-in-law-to-be handled the veggies, fruit, and sweets.

We also enjoyed watching Tiff open presents for her new home, new life, and new marriage. I myself showered her with gifts only worthy of those who bleed burnt orange.

In the end the day was wonderful, the gifts were wonderful, the crowd was wonderful, and the food was wonderful. Yes it took me 4 or 5 hours to make my seemingly simple spread, but no worries, I would have never volunteered to cook if I wasn't ridiculously eager to be in the kitchen.

Stay tuned for future posts for each and every one of the too easy, too yummy recipes!

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  1. Best deviled eggs ever!!!

  2. yay!! im glad you did the UT thing too! - kristin


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