2010 and 2011 Art in Review

Bahhhhh, I was REALLY hoping to post remodel pictures of our office on Friday (or even this weekend), BUT, while the room is about 97% painted, we still have several details to finish. So I guess I will have to wait a post or two for the reveal. Now instead of flashing proud pictures of our room makeover, I'm going to flash proud pictures of my art.

The past two years (pretty much since college graduation) have been quite art and craft-o-licious for me. I actually thought I had produced more art pieces in 2011 than I actually did, but I guess not since I spent last year crafting away for the wedding and not actually painting. Nonetheless I have plenty of 2010 and 2011 work combined to use in my rookie showcase.

I painted this one as a Christmas gift for my Dad and Haley. 
They had a poster of this flower so I thought I'd give them something real. 
It took me over two years, from the day I started, to actually finish it.

Bobbie Burgers "Realms of Love" Replica (oil)

I started this one before I moved into my first college apartment. 
I didn't actually finish it until after college.

Kandinsky "Concentric Circles" Replica (oil)

Lucky Jeff got this one when we were dating. 
After college I added some additional oil details to it.

Waterfall (acrylic with oil)

This didn't really turn out as planned, but I like it nonetheless.

Abstract - Forest Fire (acrylic)

Inspired from a piece of art I found on Craigslist. 
Believe it or not Jeff gets credit for thinking of the flamingo.

Retro Flamingo (acrylic with oil)

Made from Jeff's dad's life-long wine cork collection. 
Inspiration came from a small piece of art I saw in the Dallas Times Ten Cellars.

567 Wine Corks

Because I am a Pisces, no doubt.

Pisces (acrylic and oil)

Given as a Christmas gift for Jeff's parents to add to their fish-themed enclosed porch. 
My uncle Larry actually did the metalwork and gave us the fish to work with/paint.

Tropical Fish (acrylic and metal)

I donated this one to the Texas Exes Dallas Scholarship Dinner silent auction. 
All corks came from the Dallas Times Ten Cellars. Big thanks to them for saving the corks for me!

Wine Cork Bottle

Gift to Mom and Jimmy for Christmas. 
Created from my catering wine cork collection.
They are pretty lucky I didn't keep this one for my own wall.

522 Cork Longhorn

One of my good friends Chase Willingham requested an African art piece as a wedding gift for him and his wife Robyn. Considering there was a lack of art in my life last year, I was honored to do it!

African Art (acrylic)

I must admit, I'm pretty in love with every one of these, whether they're on my wall or someone else's. What's my proudest piece though? The wine cork longhorn for sure. Why? It won first place in the mixed media category for the Ben E. Keith On My Own Time art show. Not only did first place score me a generous Visa gift card, but my art was also on display in Northpark mall for a month.

I've won some contests before, but this one was by far my proudest win. My Pisces also won second in the painting category which scored me another gift card but no spot in Northpark.

Needless to say I can't wait to whip out my paint brushes (or corks) sometime soon and add something new to my wall. First though, I need a place to paint. Second, I need finished walls to hang the actual art. Which leads me to my final note, a sneak preview of our burnt orange (technically "copper mine") office.

Can wait to post the before and afters. Until then!

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  1. You are so talented! :) I love seeing the pictures of your home!


  2. We love our painting and it will always be cherished!!


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