First Annual Crawfish Boil

My husband's Cajun family hosts a plethora of crawfish boils, and I've been to many with him and elsewhere, but for the first time, we hosted one of our own at our house.
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We've been needing to have the family over for quite some time now to see our house remodel, so that excuse paired with Jeff's eagerness to host a boil, topped with mine and my mom's birthdays, equaled the perfect reason to throw a party. It was also the perfect reason to add a new invitation template to my Etsy inventory.

The family gathered all day - girls chatting, kids playing, boys left to cook.

We grubbed to our hearts content with crawfish, corn, potatoes, onion, garlic, bread, desserts, etc. We had 60 pounds of "bugs," so there was more than plenty to go around.

And while the crawfish were being purged and waiting for their fate, they kept quite an audience entertained. I'm not sure who had more fun playing, the adults or the kids.


I'd love to break down the cooking process for you, but that's my husband's thing. I don't think he'll let me give away his family recipe anyway. Let's just say that my father-in-law came into town to help Jeff prep the boil, and I now live with a crawfish king.

We such a great time, and I'm sure it won't be the last! Nom nom crawfish... and nom nom to the crawfish enchiladas I got to make with the leftovers (coming soon).

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