PYRC #38: Super Simple Shrimp Tacos

I feel like I have a ton of taco recipes on my Pinterest board, yet I'm not sure if I've made any I them... until these super simple cilantro shrimp tacos.

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These healthy tacos came from the blog Clean and Delicious and didn't call for any not-so-good-for-you cooking techniques or ingredients like frying, butter, cheese, flour tortillas, etc. What made these tacos unique was the accompanying cilantro Greek yogurt spread to substitute for sour cream. I agree that the alternative was great, especially to cut some calories, but sadly I am totally turned off by plain Greek yogurt. I just learned to like sour cream so transitioning to Greek yogurt has not yet worked for me. It's a turn-off very similar to my mayo fear, and it's something I really need to get over. I'm a weirdo and biased against Greek yogurt, and on that note, I don't think this recipe was the best for me (and let's be serious, I'm not the best calorie watcher). But if you're looking for some healthy meal planning options, I do suggest giving this method a whirl, and if you're a novice cooker, this is definitely a recipe for you.

Grab the recipe here from Clean and Delicious.

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  1. Looks delicious !!!! I am with you regarding the Greek yogurt but it might work with cilantro. Always trying to find ways to use cilantro.


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