Burgers and Beer at Kuma's Corner

In my final Chicago foodie praise, I'm moving from dogs to burgers with this as-seen-on tv spot, Kuma's Corner.

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I love burgers, and I added this place to my to-do the moment I saw it on tv. The timing of the visit for us could not have been more terrible, though, as we were still bursting from the seams from our Hot Doug's gorge. Kuma's was right around the corner from Hot Doug's, so we just stuck around, had a drink, and headed to gorge #2.

The entire restaurant is themed around heavy metal bands, including the menu items. I'd preview the inside for you, which looks like a pretty standard bar/restaurant, but the only photos I have are either of poor quality or of vulgar art.

I did think Kuma's had a pretty unique beer selection, at least to me anyway. Not sure if that's because I was in Chicago and the selection is just different than Texas or if it was just truly unique.

My favorite beer was Innis and Gunn.

My hometown is Ennis and my maiden name is Gunn, so the name of the beer could not have been more coincidental.

For the burgers, I am so sad that I did not take a photo of the menu or the items we ordered because at this point, I cannot remember for the life of me what we ate. I was planning to rack my brain and read through the menu to recall, but it looks like their site it currently under construction (dang it). Even though the name of our burgers may be anonymous, you can still salivate at the photos.

The burgers were nothing less than greatness, served on pretzel bread buns and cooked to a perfect medium rare, but I must admit, our visit did not do Kuma's justice. We were so stuffed from Hot Doug's that we could barely (if even) finish our burgers, which is absolutely not normal. The menu is very adventurous, and if you love a good burger and get the chance, you should really check out Kuma's Corner. I'll definitely need an impartial glorification round #2.

One final note, it's another Chicago hot spot, so be prepared to wait. Worth the wait? As a tourist, yes.

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