Perfect Pancakes at the Bongo Room

Holy pancake batman, welcome to the Bongo Room. If you missed yesterday's post, I'm now reliving my Chicago St. Patty's Day 2012 restaurant stops, and I cannot forget to share this mouthwatering pancake experience.

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The best part is that I'm not even a pancake person, and I LOVED this place. But who wouldn't when your feasting on white chocalate and caramel covered pretzel, pumpkin spice and chocolate chunk cheesecake, and banana and bacon flapjacks.

I could have ordered every pancake on the menu. I could have also ordered everything else on the menu - including fresh veggie omelets, scrambles and sandwiches. But since the savory items at Bongo Room reminded me a lot of breakfast spots in Texas - like Kerbey Lane or Magnolia in Austin - I stuck with the pancakes, and those rich and filling pancakes had me stuffed! Mega-recommendation: just order one pancake, seriously... and maybe share a variety amongst your group.

We ordered... banana flapjacks with crumbled bacon pieces, topped with warm praline sauce and fresh bananas...

... white chocolate and caramel covered pretzel pancakes with crush pretzel, white chocolate and buttery caramel...

... and graham cracker crusted pumpkin flapjacks with chocolate chunks topped with warm vanilla bean cream.

I said mouthwatering, right?

If you're wondering what the full menu looks like, check the snapshot below or just visit their website:

They have several locations throughout Chicago, so surely you'll be near one at some point during your visit. Not sure if Chicagoans rave about this fun, eclectic place, but I was referred there for my trip and thought it was an A+. I would love to try it again and maybe not even for breakfast.

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