PYRC #22: White Chicken Lasagna, Olive Garden Dressing and Parmesan Knots

I know. I'm beating you with Pinterest Yummy Recipe Challenge posts this week, but I promise that next week I'll have an awesome house post or two, like my DIY mantel. I promise.

Life has been very eventful lately (literally for the past two months), and I kept it going by having over a few friends for dinner and wine. A - It was an opportune moment to tackle some Pinterest recipes (3 to be exact). B - It was a chance for a sneak peak preview of my close-to-complete house! If I would have waited until after the remodel was finished to show it off, I would have had to wait another year.

Anyway, back to dinner. For girls’ night, we feasted: white chicken lasagna, salad with olive garden dressing, parmesan knots and tres leches.

White Chicken Lasagna

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The recipe pin is one of my top ten original food pins and was added to my Yummy Recipes board over one year ago. Being in a household of a whopping two people though, I just haven't had the right excuse to make it, until recently. I must say, as expected of most lasagna, this recipe did not disappoint. The white lasagna twist may seem like a stretch from the classic, but it deserves almost just as much praise. Had I slathered it with even more of the gooey cheese mixture called for in the recipe, it would definitely be competing neck-to-neck with my red sauce love. The crowd loved it, and it scored high points in the reheated leftovers category (all five times that I ate it).

If you have some time on your hands and need to feed a crowd, bake a pan of white chicken lasagna. Grab the recipe here at One Ordinary Day.

Olive Garden Dressing

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I don't really eat at Olive Garden, but even I know that they make a tasty bottle of dressing. Since the ingredients for this copycat recipe seemed similar to what I normally use for salads, except the Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix, I was pretty interested to see if this rendition would hit the mark. I was skeptical of using the dry Italian packet mix at first, but the result definitely proved me wrong. Voluntarily heavy-handed on the vinegar, my replica came out pretty close to Olive Garden’s dressing, and since I received a "this is better than Olive Garden's dressing" compliment during dinner, I tip my hat to the Because Barenaked Chef Said So blog for featuring this Olive Garden Dressing recipe.

Parmesan Knots

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These Parmesan knots were pretty fun to make and went well with the rest of the meal. Simply roll out, tie knot, bake in oven, and brush with buttery parmesan goodness while still hot. How a biscuit in almost any form can generally taste delicious baffles me a bit, but it works. However, I will say that garlic bread no doubt competes well against these knots, so you don’t have to run screaming to the store. Save this recipe for a I'd-like-to-try-something-different kind of day.

You can find the recipe for these parmesan knots here at Real Mom Kitchen.

Tres Leches

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Confession - I used a box mix! And then I added cool whip and strawberries. 3 Pinterest recipes deep, I was not about to add a homemade dessert to the list as well. But hey, it was loved all the same. It's dessert!

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