PYRC #20: Strawberry and Mango Salsa with Avocado

Almost dead strawberries, mangoes and avocados quickly turned into a pre-road trip Pinterest snack for Jeff and I – strawberry mango salsa with avocado.

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I assumed I'd make this recipe one day to accompany street tacos or something of the sort, but with an open bag of chips on hand, we just ate it as is. It was good, but unfortunately we had to quickly scarf it down before hitting the road so I didn't really have time to assess it.

In my few minutes though, I kept thinking of how great the coarsely chopped concoction would be in a salad with maybe a splash of vinegar. That's definitely the way I'd go next time. However, the possibilities are endless.

Grab the recipe here from the McConkie Menu blog.

PS - the recipe doesn't call for avocado, but it's an addition I suggest.

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