A Willingham Wedding Road Trip: Part 1 - The Actual Wedding

On Saturday Jeff and I teamed up with the wonderful Kelly Long and embarked on a mini road trip to Lake Jackson, Texas to see one of my best high school friends, Chase Willingham, get married. I had much anticipation for the trip for several reasons: because Chase is one of my favorites and I love his new wife, because I was excited for the mini reunion with great friends, and because it was such a relief to be a wedding attendee and not the bride. It sounds bad, but enjoying a wedding that you did not have to plan for months really is nice. I'm sure Robyn will agree moving forward.

Speaking of, Robyn Caldwell Willingham is one of the sweetest, most beautiful girls I have ever met. Not to mention that she looked stunning on her big day. Chase could not have met a more perfect match. Oh, and did I mention that I was there for some of the initial kindling of their relationship?

Yes, this would be them dancing at Midnight Rodeo at an Eli Young Band concert (Robyn's favorite band according to Brent's speech) in February 2009. I remember Chase telling me that night that he was thinking about asking Robyn to be his date to his brother's wedding, and I remember hoping that she would say yes. I don't know if Robyn ended up being his date or if he even asked her to be his date, but that doesn't really matter because here we are three years later and they are now Mr. and Mrs. Willingham.

Perspectives Photography by Monique Montoya

I did mention they're perfect for each other, right?

The actual wedding started at Temple Baptist Church where Robyn and Chase exchanged vows. From there we headed straight to the reception where the night's festivities quickly commenced. We immediately ate dinner, grabbed drinks, watched the first dance, and then ate cake. Robyn and Chase wasted no time getting through their "to-do's" because before we knew it they had hit the dance floor and on the dance floor they stayed for the rest of the night.

Perspectives Photography by Monique Montoya
Perspectives Photography by Monique Montoya

Ha, these pictures could not be a better recap of the night. My favorite weddings always involve crazy dance floors: bride, groom, parents, grandparents, family, friends and all! The DJ was great, but unfortunately he played Shout and the Wobble back-to-back and after that my sweaty mess of hair was out for the count.

Nonetheless, the day was fabulous and I was so thankful to spend it with all my loves. Congratulations to Robyn and Chase and here's to 50 years! You two are wonderful!

NOT the Bride and the Groom :)
Kelly's Butler and Chauffeur All-in-One
Topo Chico Carbonated Apple Juice Reunion

Stay tuned for the return home and our overwhelming stop at Buc-ee's. Until then!

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