Color Makes the World Go Round

It's been a busy week at the Germenis household trying to squeeze in renovation work every night after  work. Since Monday we have successfully:

Patched holes and textured,

Removed the massive mirror that was glued to our wall without breaking it
(thanks to knowledge from the DIY Network and Google),
And painted baseboards.

Oh yes, I said it, PAINTED!!! And now we are officially in full force paint mode. This is the step I have been waiting for... since before we moved in. Lucky for us, the previous homeowners had an awesome taste in color. Yup, brown... brown everything.

Brown trim, brown doors, brown texture
Brown entry and front door
Brown bathroom cabinets
Brown built-ins and mantel

And brown anything else that should be painted white. Well we are definitely here to change that!

I am a MAJOR advocate for color and luckily Jeff seems to be too. Color is one of the easiest ways to improve the look of a room - whether an accent wall or the whole room, whether a quiet tone or a loud tone, or whether different colors in every room or one color throughout. It boggles my mind that people often put so much effort into decor but put no effort into a $30 gallon of paint.

With all that said though, picking out paint color for the house had me distraught. I was afraid of our color choices being "too much" or not cohesive. But after a major meltdown in the paint section of Home Depot (Jeff's impatience mixed with my indecisiveness and panic) I finally pulled it together and we agreed on some samples to test. Our selections turned out almost spot-on (with the exception of one color... brown) and now we have the perfect scheme:

I bet you love the wallpaper - right?   :) 

That's it! Master = Green Tea, office accent wall = orange, guest bedroom = yellow (NOT brown), main area = Nature Retreat (blue), and hallway = Basketry (tan). Sorry I can't remember all of their crazy names, but I do know that they are all Behr.

Soooooo, thanks to the many hours of prep we undertook this week, last night we were able to pop open our first can of paint and begin this crazy color transformation. It's official. Let the painting begin!


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