The Germenises Meet Renovation Realities

Saturday marked day #1 of Jeff and I's official renovation realities. Since he had today off for MLK, I took off as well so we could embark on a 3-day bedroom facelift. Current status? EXHAUSTED.

At first we thought we'd start our house makeover in the living room since it is our hangout spot. But considering the living room would be one of our biggest projects, Jeff thought we should start with the office so we could have at least one complete room. "Just the office" then turned into "the office and the spare bedroom." And then "just the office and spare bedroom" turned into "all 3 bedrooms." Our tackling of the floor and rental of a concrete grinder was a major factor in the decision to do all the rooms at once.

So basically our Saturday started out like this:

Yes, that is all of our bedrooms conveniently tucked away into our living room. And it is no doubt a LIVING room. While I thought we would make perfect reality stars for the DIY Network's Renovation Realities, it has since been noted that maybe we should be on TLC's Hoarders, lol. I can't argue.

I truly believed by the end of these 3 days we would at least have our bedroom (or at least closets) put back together. Well I was absolutely wrong. While I knew remodeling was hard work, I had no idea I would be waking up with my hands, arm and feet feeling numb from soreness. I guess my group fitness classes don't really entail workouts such as scraping floors and ripping out baseboards.... So anyway, we started the weekend with our rooms looking like this:

And after much floor and paint prep, we're now to this:

It might not seem like much, but the progress we have made is HUGE. By the end of the day we should also have the floors sealed, face plates removed, and maybe some additional closet work. Considering I must be somewhat functional at work this week, today's renovation will end quite a bit earlier than 2:30 am (last night's bed time). Today will also include a Home Depot trip (our second home) for baseboards, a dozen loads of laundry, and dinner actually cooked in our own kitchen.

Hopefully in the next week or two I will be able to post FULL makeover pictures. How long patching, texture and painting will take though is currently TBD.

Until then!

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  1. Welcome to the blog world. Can't wait to see your new home transformation! :)



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