A Warm Welcome... with Flower Magnets

Well, it's official, my first blog post! I have tried this whole blog thing before approximately one year ago. I think I made it to three blog posts, and then what happened? Aside from the fact that I was using a blog host site that was technologically incompatible, I got a job - my first real BIG GIRL job. (Real = a true full-time position that I actually had to apply and interview for). Anyway, adding a steady work schedule was more than enough for me to give up on my hopes and dreams to be Kendra the Blog Queen. So now it's a year later, I still have not revived the dream to be Kendra the Blog Queen, but I do find myself often reading friend's blogs and thought I might try it out myself.

What exactly do I have in store for today? FABRIC FLOWER MAGNETS!

Being an artistic person, it did not take long before I wanted to bang my head against the white walls of my office. I immediately began to cover my desk with anything of color - pictures, magnets, push pins, pens, vases, etc (just like the good ole dorm days). One day during the summer, while crafting for my beautiful bridesmaids and finishing with extra fabric flowers, I decided I would convert my extras into fun magnets for my office. And VOILA!

I was pretty proud of how cute they turned out and no, I did not get the idea off of Pinterest (a co-worker asked me that). Believe it or not, I actually thought of making the magnets on my own. And guess what? You can make them too.

  • Package of plain magnets (you can find them at Hobby Lobby or somewhere similar)
  • Fabric flowers (or any cute objects of your preference that are light enough to hold as a magnet)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue one magnet to the back center of one fabric flower.....

... And you're done! Yes, it's that simple. Of course if you are hand-making the flowers then that will take a bit longer. There are dozens of flower tutorials available on the web for reference if you need one - Google, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

So good luck making magnets! They are a great way to spruce up your cube, fridge, or dorm AND they'd make a great Christmas gift for your office friends.

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